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Klevvrtech is always ready to help you adhere to the online and offline media. We believe that a strategic approach and highly personalized content are prerequisites when the objective includes earning and maintaining the attention of potential buyers. Mobile Marketing is a pyramid selling strategy engrossed to aim an explicit audience through their smartphones, feature phones, tablets, and other allied devices. This is achieved with the help of mobile applications, websites, emails, SMS, and MMS. It dispenses with time and locus sensitive, personified information regarding promotions of goods, services, brands along with reminders of appointments and ideas.

In other words, mobile marketing can be defined as a kind of marketing pursuit escorted by a pervasive network that consistently connects consumers employing a personal mobile device. It is a way of appealing the mobile users about your business.

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Some of the Mobile Marketing Techniques We Use

  • SMS: Customers can be kept up to date on the brand by receiving timely SMS.
  • APP based promotions:Regular pop-ups can keep consumers of various apps such as Apple's iOS and Google's Android Play Store updated about you.
  • QR scan: This is a very practical method for saving time. The user must scan the code in order to be sent to the specified webpage.
  • Mobile site links: Rather than wasting time, customers are quickly sent to the web page they are looking for.
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Mobile Marketing Services

Our Mobile Marketing Platform

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Mobile Push Notification

A message that appears on a mobile device is known as a push notification. Users do not have to be in the app or using their devices to receive them; app publishers can send them at any time. Although push notifications resemble SMS text messages and smartphone alerts, they are only sent to users who have downloaded your app. We help you to get noticed by your potential customers. From wherever you are, receive relevant updates on performance improvements, new features, and practical ideas for enhancing campaign performance and get better revenue.

In-app messages

A message that appears while a user is in your app is known as an in-app message. In-app messages can be configured as full-screen pop-ups or small overlays that blend seamlessly into the user interface of your app. In-app promotional alerts benefit app users, ensuring that clients are aware of any new sales. Interactive tutorials allow users to have a more fluid user experience. Marketers profit from this since they can use in-app communications to get more push notification opt-ins. This allows the developers to target consumers both within and outside of the app.

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Mobile app messaging

In-app messages are hyper-targeted notifications delivered to consumers while they are interacting with a mobile or desktop application. Marketers can utilise in-app messaging to assist onboarding, communicate product changes, provide support, or advertise relevant offers at the right moment. You may use our Mobile App Messaging to: Communicate directly with your app's audience Keep track of your audience's actions. Examine the current state of mobile app development. Contact your Account Manager or reach out to us to activate the channel.

Mobile A/B testings

Our experts test out different banners for the levels to see which one is clicked on the most to extract maximum benefits for you. The advantages of A/B testing on mobile apps are comparable to those of A/B testing on the web. A/B testing enables you to test multiple hypotheses for app experiences and make adjustments to your app experience based on evidence rather than gut instinct. Our A/B testing tools allow you to evaluate the impact of changes you want to make to your app with statistical confidence, as well as measure how significant that impact will be.

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