Biometric Attendance App

With biometrics software development, abolish the risk of identity theft

Attendance can now be taken in an automated manner. Develop meaningful Monthly or daily Attendance Reports to get the most out of your employees and students.

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Mark your Digital Attendance With our Biometric Attendance App

Our biometric time and attendance solution not only improves worker security, but it also protects the working environment and a company's critical data. Furthermore, by tracking and storing each employee's entry and departures, our attendance management system provides secure access control and authorisation.

It's now a piece of cake to calculate attendance for your mobile workforce. Your employees may safely mark attendance from their work locations using Klevvrtech's mobile app with IP and Geo-tracking. They can also keep track of their co-workers' availability.

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Notable Benefits of Biometric Attendance App

Explore the remarkable attributes of our Biometric Attendance App build with advanced tech suite.

Facial Recognition

Employees can use their mobile phone cameras to mark their attendance because the system is based on facial recognition.

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Geo-tagged Attendance

The data is transferred to the central server, which has a static IP address, as soon as an employee indicates himself present.

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Accurate Tracking

By polling the machine, the programme obtains real-time attendance information from employees promoting error free tracking.

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Safeguard Geo-fencing

When a mobile device enters or exits a virtual boundary, a location-based service activates a pre-programmed action.

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Elevated Engagement

Employee accountability is improved, productivity is increased, and employees become more accountable increasing engagement.

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Remarkable Attributes of Biometric Attendance App

Relish alluring features of our Biometric Attendance App to propel your business and improve performance.

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Biometric Attendence App Feature

Set up the device correctly, and then use biological traits such as iris scans and fingerprints to update the system or track attendance.

Biomatric Attendance

Keep track of your staff attendance based on the WiFi connectivity range. It'll mark the attendance as well as in managing payroll.

WiFi Attendance

Using the WiFi connectivity range, keep track of your employees' attendance. It will keep track of attendance as well as payroll.

Secure Data

Our attendance app is highly secure providing limited access to the owners eliminating the risks of data leakage or theft.

Selfi Mode

Keep track of your staff attendance based on the WiFi connectivity range. It'll mark the attendance as well as in managing payroll.

Set in Motion Your Business with Our customizable Biometric Attendance App

Admin Panel

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Accurate Facial Recognition

Accurate attendance can be taken by facial recognition. Employee Time is automatically punched when the Face matches.

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Geo Fencing

Geo-fencing Attendance tracking based on location. Employees clocking in and leaving the office are easily identified.

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Real-time Tracking

Employee whereabouts can be tracked on a phone or a computer. Effortlessly supervise employees at multiple locations.

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Shift Planner

Organize employee shifts efficiently. Organizes and manages complex shift requirements by shifts rescheduled in minutes.

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Advanced Analytics

Track those who are late, identify the absentees easily and maintain reports of overtime and under time working hours.

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Payroll Integration

Integrating the payroll details with the attendance app enhances the efficiency and performance of the employees for the company.

Give wings to your Own Biometric Attendance App with Experts

Customer App

Customer App Features
  • 1
    Opening Attendance

    The employees are supposed to mark their digital attendance using the biometric app once they reach the workplace with accuracy.

  • 2
    Leaving Attendance

    It is mandatory for the employees to mark their digital attendance using the biometric app once they leave after work completion.

  • 3
    Leave Approval

    The app contains a separate section where employees can get their leave approved by giving an authenticated reason.

  • 4
    Payroll integration

    The employees can get the insights of the monthly salaries integrated with the attendance app based on attendance.

  • 5
    Working Hours Estimation

    The app takes into consideration the estimation of working hours paying extra benefits to employees for overtime.

  • 6

    The Attendance app is highly secure in saving the personal details of the employees as it offers limited access.