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For increased business revenue, get a fully-featured grocery delivery on-demand through smartphone application designed by the pioneers.

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Build A Grocery Delivery App with Us

With our on-demand grocery delivery development company, you can enter the lucrative online grocery delivery business. Furthermore, our grocery mobile app development services provide a one-stop grocery software solution for all types of businesses.

At Klevvrtech, we assist you in achieving the same level of success and brand value as well-known brands such as Grofers, BigBasket, Amazon Pantry, Walmart, and others. Build a ready-to-use bespoke Grocery Delivery app, similar to Instacart or ShipIt, using cutting-edge technology and high-yielding features.

With your customised grocery ordering and delivery platform, you can serve customers right at their doorstep. Get a free consultation with one of our business consultants today.

Why Rely upon Us for your Grocery Delivery App

  • Custom made designs flexible to all kinds of Grocery stores
  • Real-Time Analytics empowered with Push notification attribute
  • Implications of orders through WhatsApp
  • Advanced featured Management Dashboard
  • Tracking through Geo-fencing
  • Integration with Google Maps for Route planning and tracking
  • Absolutely adaptable solutions in no time
  • Highly functional centralised Admin system
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Our Grocery Apps are Flexible to
all Grocery Business Models

Inventory based Grocery Store

The Online Grocery store purchases inventory from different companies stores them and maintains the warehouse.

Multi-Vendor Marketplace

A compelling website that serves as a shared platform for multiple buyers and sellers to interact in commerce.

Hyper local Grocery

A hyper local grocery business model caters the demands of customers within a specific geographic radius.

Customer App

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Geo IP location

The users can easily identify the location of the placed order through geo IP location feature of our grocery app.

Quick search

The app is designed with different filter options to narrow down your search list to buy what you want quickly and easily.

Push Notification

This feature enables the users to get notified about the dispatch and delivery of their order even if the app is open or not.

My cart

The user is enabled to add the purchases of interest to the cart and can buy them by placing the order later on without any problem.

Order History

Our grocery app permits the users to check the history of the orders they have placed earlier to check upon the dispatch and delivery.

Sign in via Social Media

The users are enabled to sign in our grocery app through social media accounts as well eliminating the need of creating new usernames.

Get our highly responsive Grocery App to take your online business newer heights.

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Admin Panel

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Profile Management

Similar to the customer-facing app, the admin panel involves registration and profile management.

Allocating Orders

Our grocery app allows you to allocate orders to various delivery people based on their availability.


This feature allows the admin to intricately manage functions, such as orders, payments, and delivery.

Real-time Tracking

Grocery retailers can track order status and notify customers when their order will arrive at their door.

Pay out Management

To amend and manage bank accounts and payment information ensuring secure payment.


Our grocery app basically aids you in keeping track of your business and its data with accurate analysis of profits.

Deliver the groceries to your buyers’ door swiftly and timely offering remarkable services earmarking your business.

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Delivery Person App

GPS and Navigation

Helps to find the best route and deliver on time due to a built-in navigation system.

Status Update

Enables to update the status about the order been picked and delivered accurately.

Digital Wallet

Receive payments for the orders delivered from the customers via online gateways.

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Order Management

Manage orders to be delivered and get notified the orders being cancelled.

Delivery Request Notification

Provides information regarding the delivery details and order number to deliver.

Delivery Confirmation

Permits to confirm the status of delivery being delivered correctly and on-time.

How Does the Delivery App Work?

  • 1. User Sign up with essential Details
  • 2. Login with Email ID and Password
  • 3. Browse the products by the name of the product or grocery .
  • 4. Select the Product
  • 5. Add the Product to the cart
  • 6. Add Address Details
  • 7. Order confirmation by the user by doing online payment
  • 8. Order Request received by the Admin
  • 9. Admin forward the request to the grocery store manager
  • 10. Store Manager acts on the request by accepting or
  • 11. Admin reverts back to the customer by sending a noti
  • 12. Store Manager Generate Order
  • 13. Store Manager can communicate with the customer on chat
  • 14. Update Admin that Driver has collected the order
  • 15. Order Successfully delivers to the customer
  • 16. Driver Update to Admin
  • 17. Admin sends alert to the customer