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  • Safe and hassle-free Payment

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Personalized Automobile App Service

Klevvrtech promotes exceptional solutions for automobile service businesses to grow online!

Finding the correct mechanic and service centre for your vehicle has never been easier thanks to our Automobile service app. Options for finding qualified technicians and efficient workshops are now available on mobile, laptop, tablet, smartphone, and other internet-connected devices. Customers or car owners profit from this technology, which allows organisations in the automotive sector and auto repair enterprises to generate more significant income.

Klevvrtech's automotive app developers can help you create an effective and strong app for your vehicle care and repair shop right away. With appealing, user-friendly features, such apps help organisations engage more clients and customers.

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What does the Automobile Service App consist of?

We are professionals in developing a functional app for your auto care service business that will assist you in achieving your objectives.
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  • Mobile Apps

    We design service apps highly responsive and compatible for all kinds of smartphones and tablets.

  • Web Apps

    Our Automobile service apps are equally functional and easy operate from PCs and Desktops too.

  • Admin Dashboard

    The Admin dashboard of the app is provided with advanced features for effective management.

  • 100% Customizable

    The app we design are fully customizable and can be modified and updated whenever required.

  • Payment Option

    The users are allowed to use diverse payment options from credit cards to net banking and UPI.

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Major Components of Automobile Service App

We provide apps that keep track of a vehicle's services and send out real-time reminders to assist you take care of your automobile efficiently. The App is highly responsive, compatible for all kinds of devices from smartphones to PCs, and easy to operate for both the users and the service providers. The 3 major components of the Automobile service App are:

Customer App
Web Admin Panel
Mechanic App
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Attributes of Customers App

Social Login

The users can either create a new username or can sign up using their social media credentials easily.

Tutorial Screens

Get to learn about your vehicles’ function trough tutorial clippings being displayed in the app.

Cost Calculator

The app contains a cost calculator to calculate the cost of services you choose for your automobile.

Place An Order

Choose the service according to your vehicle and place an order to enhance the efficiency of your vehicle.


You can add or minus any service from your chosen list of services for your automobile through this feature.

Service History

Get yourself notified for any repeat services by having glance at the service history of your vehicle.

Advanced Search Filter

Search for nearby service stations latest services and equipment through advanced search filter.

Discount and Offer

Enjoy amazing offers and discounts through coupons and rewards earned through the app.

Payment Option

Users can pay the service charges through different modes of payment in a secure method.

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Notable Features of the Admin Panel

  • Admin Dashboard

    Possess absolute control over the different attributes and functions of the app through advanced dashboard designed with latest technology suite.

  • Manage User

    The admin can easily manage the users engaged with the service app ensuring their requests have been processed and fulfilled without any error and delay.

  • Manage mechanics

    The admin can manage the request of the mechanics trying to join the app and ensure that they follow the regulations and deliver orders on-time.

  • Manage offers and discounts

    The admin can offer various offers and discounts attracting the customers to book services on your app and visit your app regularly to avail your services.

  • Customer Support

    All the queries generated by the users are addressed by the admin with practical solutions promoting utmost customer satisfaction and accessibility.

  • Data Driven Report

    The Admin are allowed to generate insightful reports mentioning the app performance periodically to make sure that the business operates swiftly.

Principle Features of Mechanics App

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  • Route optimization

    Mechanics are provided with latest features to reach the users quickly following the best routes for on-time delivery via GPS location and Geo fencing.

  • Booking Alerts

    Push alerts notifies the mechanics about the on-demand repair services. Also, they will be notified about upcoming bookings and their locations.

  • Account Verification

    Mechanics are to verify their profiles and accounts by uploading necessary documents, service experiences as per requirement for authentication.

  • Accept/Reject Request

    Mechanics can accept or reject service request as per the convenience. The rejected service request gets passed on to the next mechanic nearby automatically.

Why rely upon us for Automobile Service App?

Automobile Service apps are applications that help automotive technicians with car repair jobs and provide clients with services that are available at their convenience and in their preferred location. Our Apps can bring a number of advantages to automobile owners and service providers.

  • Automotive Inventory Solution
  • Transportation Management Solution
  • Fleet Tracking Solution
  • Freight Tracking Solution
  • Trucking and Logistics Solution
  • Vehicle Sales Management Solution
  • Dealer Management Solution
  • Supply Chain Management Solution
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How to Fix the Challenges of Automobile Industry?

Automobile Service apps assist automotive experts with car repair work and give clients with services that are available at their leisure and in their desired location. Automobile owners and service providers can benefit from our Apps in a variety of ways. Klevvrtech offers responsive apps build with latest tech suite to meet the demands of the industry.

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Extensive Range of Services

Automobile Service App Solutions

We create on-demand automobile solutions to fulfil both their fundamental and advanced commercial requirements. We support latest approaches to build User-friendly and highly responsive apps improving the performance of your business.

Unique Integration

Our SaaS experts will assist you in developing multi-tenant, secure, and strong SaaS systems so that you may better serve your clients. Integrating modern technology with innovation we devise plan of actions that are supremely beneficial to you.

Automobile CRM Solution

We provide a customer service, sales, and marketing platform tailored to the specific needs for automobile services. Our professionals link automotive CRM with existing Dealer Management Systems (DMS) to reduce the need for duplicate customer data entry.

Automobile ERP solutions

Our team of skilled professionals offers compelling automobile ERP solutions to provide versatile capabilities that meet industry standards. Our methods enable business owners to effectively manage critical auto parts, schedule and plan workstations, and manage job flow.

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