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Vast Mobile App Development Services We Offer in India

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Help Your Clients Burn Calories with Your Own Health and Fitness App

Health and Fitness mobile applications give consumers with exercise information that they need to accomplish. Aside from that, workout apps instruct users on how to properly exercise. Workout apps include logbook apps, personal trainer apps, and device pairing fitness apps, to name a few.

We're all aware of the state of the app market, which is currently inundated. Although there are the same amount of contributions from fitness app developers in the arena, not all of them make it to the beach. We, at klevvrtech, helps you build applications based on the needs of the users conferring improved responsiveness and better user experience.

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Accomplish your fitness goals with plan and
execution with our notable attributes

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Activity tracking

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Workout videos

create your own fitness app

Personalized plans

fitness mobile app development

Workout calendars

fitness application development

Progress visualization

health and fitness app development

Wearables Integration

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Challenges and goals

create my own fitness app


Bring Your Ideas to Reality with our Responsive Health and Fitness App

Incredible Features of User App

fitness app development services

Diet Chart

Weight reduction, weight gain, seniority diets, and physical fitness – the app can generate a personalised eating programme for any fitness objective.

Workout Plans

Our app works accurately maintaining workout plans keeping track of the user's everyday activities and assessing their fitness aptly. .

Alert & Reminder

The app's push notification feature can be really handy in reminding us of our training session. Alerts and reminders are very helpful.

Nutrition Tracking

Allow your users to maintain weight with data on calories burned, controlling water balance, and adopting good eating habits for proper nutrition.

Integrating Geo location

This attribute allows the user to remember his walking routes, build them, and keep track of his workouts.

Rating and Review

The users are enabled to share their user experience with other users in the reviews and feedback section and suggest updates if required.

Exceptional Features of the Trainer App


The trainer can build up his/ her profile by signing in with required credentials to connect with the users easily. Adding work experience can be effective.

Send Reminder

The trainer can send reminders to the clients about their diets and workout plans to continue their exercise and remain fit and healthy.

Track Pre-work Detail

The app enables the trainers to track the pre work out details of the clients and users in order to plan further exercise chart for them.

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Upload Workout Videos

The trainer can easily upload videos of workout and exercises in a step by step manner to teach the users to carry out correct exercise.

Manage Workout Plans

Our fitness app enables the trainer to manage workout and exercise plans for the users to have a seamless fitness experience.

fitness Chart

The trainers are eligible to upload and update the fitness chart of the users individually to help them remain fit and healthy by using our fitness app.

Do you want to own an on-demand fitness coach app?

Principle Features of the Admin Panel


Our fitness application offers highly advanced admin dashboard featured with latest tools to manage the activities of clients as well as trainers.

User Management

Our fitness app lets the admin to manage the users about the joining and leaving time and notifying them about the availability of the trainers.

Trainer Management

The admin can flexibly manage the trainers and adjust their shifts according to the requirements of the clients through the admin panel.

Managing Attendance

The app allows the admin to manage the attendance of the trainers and the trainees easily to maintain the records of the working days.

User Authentication

The users need to verify themselves each time they enter the fitness app with the credentials or one-time password for authentication.

BLog Post

The admin can feasibly add blogs to the blog section of the application to enhance the knowledge and address the queries put up by the users.

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Additional Features of Attraction


  • Customized Nutrition Plan.
  • BMI Calculator.
  • Fitness Chart.
  • Rating and Reviews.
  • Message the users.

Yoga Instruction

  • Step-by-Step Practise.
  • Meditation Plan .
  • Nutrition chart .
  • Feedbacks and Reviews .
  • In-App Chat .

Free Exercise for Muscle Stretch

  • Strengthening Muscular power.
  • Stretching Poses .
  • Exercise plan .
  • Star Ratings .
  • Address queriesMessage the users.

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