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Convert emails to a source of branding and promotions for the products and services of your business. Email Marketing is an indispensable tool for digital marketing to update your customers on your email list about the new and upcoming products and services of your respective brands. It is mainly implied to send advertisements, business proposals, and requests, and to promote sales or donations. The objective of the technique is generally to pull off the three prominent goals embracing customers’ loyalty, building trust, and brand awareness. Our Pricing Starts from INR 25000 approximately.

The process is carried out by sending email messages intending to enhance the business relationships with foregoing, denizen, and subsequent customers encouraging them to bring home the beacon with your brand and services. It may end up with the customers buying your products and engaging them to your organization. The team at Klevvrtech does exactly the same for your business.


Rendering the benefits

Email Marketing is a dynamic channel comprising of direct marketing in amalgamation with digital marketing where email is the star ingredient for promoting your products, services, and business as well.

It is well adapted in acquainting the audience (customers) about your newest offers and upcoming services by consolidating your modernized efforts.

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Promotes your brand and elevates the engagement of the audience
  • Efficient for lead generation
  • Build up long-term relationships with your customers
  • Tool to keep your customers updated about your services and products
  • No need to spend heavily, affordable indisputably
  • Can target bulk audience at a time
  • Give you insights into customers’ behaviour
  • Enhanced ROI
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What Makes Our Services to Fit Your Brand

  • E mail List Management

    Get a synergistic design perfectly suitable to your business crafted by the experts

  • Custom Email Designing

    Designing customized email templates that can be tailored according to the objective of brand promotion.

  • Google Analytics Integration

    With the help of Google Analytics and its tools to assist user’s spot patterns and trends in how visitors interact with their websites, we gather, analyse, monitor, visualize, report, and integrate data with other applications. Also, we track online traffic and improve ad campaigns.

  • Expanding

    Expansion of business is crucial to earn profits and reach heights. With the help of effective email marketing ideas we try convert prospects into customers, and turns one-time buyers into repeat customers and raving fans, and set up your email marketing funnel to acquire leads and generate sales.

  • Positive Connections

    Build credibility with your customers with our strategies and get more people to call you to do business. Apart from this, we help you strengthen relationships with your customers, improve communication to keep your customers informed and build your brand. The ease in creation and launching adds another feature.

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