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Augment Your Own Uber-like app for IOS and Android

We at Klevvrtech are committed to our alliance, which was built with the wider purpose of empowering businesses with inexpensive technological solutions. We include all of the functionality necessary for running a profitable business in your uber clone script. We are a taxi app development business with a lot of experience. Our devoted team of specialists leaves no stone left in ensuring that our clients receive the finest possible service. The crew is knowledgeable and has delivered hundreds of applications over the years, and they know how to help you grow your taxi business. We create the best on-demand taxi app development solution possible. Our taxi app is simple and secure to use, and it is already in use by a number of taxi businesses similar to Uber.

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Privileges of Owning Our Mobile App Clone

  • Apps Adaptable to Customer & Driver

    Stay ahead of the curve in the online taxi booking sector by downloading user-friendly and simple-to-use passenger, driver, and cab dispatcher apps.

  • Effortless Implementation

    To streamline business operations, easily implement your existing website or other management programme with online Apps & Dashboard.

  • Customized White Label Solution

    We enjoy developing apps that produce revenue. Get whitelabel taxi dispatch software and take full control of your app.

  • All Time Technical Support

    Your app will be monitored 24/7 by a dedicated account manager. Please do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

  • Launch & Live in No Time

    With our pre-built taxi dispatch system, you can get your taxi service up and operating in no time. Spend less time getting your taxi business off the ground.

  • Track Progress with Modern Analytics

    Stay ahead of the curve in the online taxi booking sector by downloading user-friendly and simple-to-use passenger, driver, and cab dispatcher apps.

Uber Clone Approach

With our whitelabel uber clone script, you may create your own uber-like software. This ready-made clone app, created by our skilled developers, can save you time and money over creating an app from start. Our solution includes native iOS and Android apps, allowing you to reach out to all of your potential clients.

The three separate panels of our smart clone approach:

  • User App

  • Driver App

  • Admin Panel

Uber Taxi User App

Live Geo Tracking

The users are enabled with live tracking the taxi they have booked to reach the destination and notifying the taxi arrival automatically.

Change/ Cancel Ride

The users can change or even cancel the ride anytime they want according to their need. Also, they can rebook the next ride immediately.

Flexible Payment

Our clone app provides payment modes that are flexible and easy to carry out error free transactions and receipt download options.

Social Media Login

The app we design for you feature login options using social media accounts eliminating the need of creating usernames again.

Contact Driver

The app is provided with an in-app chat option where user can contact the driver without revealing contact numbers.

Reviews & Ratings

The app is provided with a separate section for customers’ reviews and ratings based on their ride and user experiences.

Launch Your Own Taxi Business With Our Fully Customizable Uber Clone App.

Uber Taxi Driver App

  • Check Profits

    Our clone app enables the owner to have timely glance over the profits generated. The easy to operate feature allows earnings view.

  • Easy to Find

    The user can easily locate the vehicle he is waiting for including information about the arrival time, early or delay in the reach.

  • Map Integration

    Our uber clone driver software includes advanced Google maps, which allows drivers to effortlessly get to the passenger's pickup (or drop) location.

  • Online Ratification

    The app is highly secure. The driver needs a one-time password send to your mobile phone to commence the ride as a verification of the customer.

  • Easy Payment Gateway

    Our app enables the user to pay through a variety of payment gateways flexibly. The transaction is safe, secure and easy to process.

  • Accurate automatic Billing

    The clone app generates bills automatically based on the distance of your ride you book one for. The bill receipt can be downloaded.

Do you want to start an online taxi service? Begin right now with our ready-to-use Uber clone app.

Admin Panel

  • Passenger Management

    The admin web panel has access to the taxi management app's registered passenger information along with the ride history, passenger reports, and revenue generated by rides.

  • Driver Management

    Before the ride begins, the admin can investigate the driver's background by validating their documents and licence. The dashboard allows the administrator to keep track of the driver's activity.

  • Admin Dashboard

    The admin dashboard shows real-time information and reports on passengers, drivers, bookings, and rides. It helps to improve management app's general business operations, and to set daily targets.

  • Location Management

    The admin can change the location activities based on the demand generated by ride requests coming from the avoided place through Geo-fencing, limiting the zone of activity.

Desire To Make An Uber-Style App?

Are you aiming to build a taxi booking app which looks compelling and offers flawless operations?


Why Go With Uber Clone?

Create a white label Uber clone app for your taxi business. The cab dispatch software includes Android and iOS apps for both drivers and passengers, as well as a management dashboard. With the best Uber clone app from Apporio Infolabs, you can start your own cab business. Our Uber-like app development solution can be customised with ease and used to create unique transportation apps such as trucking apps, carpooling apps, vehicle rental apps, and bike taxi apps, among others.

Our Notable Attributes

  • Indigenous IOS App

    Our Uber clone app is available for all Apple phone users and was built utilising the newest iOS technologies. With our ready-made uber clone app, you can reach all of your potential clients, regardless of their smartphone.

  • Authenticated Source Code

    We all know how essential time is in business so the licencing aspect has already been taken care of. With the super clone script built by our skilled developers, you may start your brand or business right away.

  • Native Android App

    With the aid of our native uber clone software for Android phone users, you can reach them all. We've designed a feature-rich android app for your user/driver utilising Java and Android Studio.

  • Before and After Sales Support

    We provide end-to-end assistance. Our skilled project managers are available to assist you in launching your successful uber-like app from concept to development to deployment and beyond.

  • Whitelabel Solution

    The code written by developers is clean and fully customizable. Rebranding our ready-made uber clone app with your business theme and logo is no big deal. Our uber like app is a whitelabel solution that makes the process of rebranding easy and simple.

  • Advanced Analytics & Hot Zones

    Using the admin interface, you may check the hot zones to see where your service is being used the most and can quickly build business growth strategies combined with the usual analytics report.

  • Discrete App Panels

    Our uber clone solution includes separate app panels to ensure that everything stays in place and works smoothly. One for the users, one for the drivers, and an advanced admin panel to control everything.

  • Digital Driver Verification

    . You'll need to hire more drivers to build your online taxi business with our uber clone software. Don't worry, we've considered it as well and have enabled online driver verification through the admin panel.

  • Ultra-modern Admin Panel

    We assist you in developing an effective internet company model. For you, our skilled developers created an extensive admin panel. It allows you to keep track of all aspects of your taxi operation.

  • Manual Dispatcher

    Admins can take control of the automated system and manually allocate drivers to user requests. When a user is experiencing problems reserving a cab using the app, the manual dispatcher comes in handy.